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Sun 26 Apr, 14:16

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Mapuche Nation/Wallmapu

Sun 26 Apr, 14:16

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Mapuche Nation/Wallmapu

Sun 26 Apr, 14:16

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offsite link [Colombia] Ante el terror y la impunidad. Levantamiento popular Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:34 | Walter Guadalupe | es
En lo poco que va del 2015 en Colombia, según la defenso... del pueblo, se han registr... en todo el territo... dominado por el estado colombi... un poco más de 283 moviliz... Planton... concent... marchas, bloqueos de vías, enfrent... directos con las fuerzas de segurid... cese de activid... han sido algunas de las expresi... de inconfo... de diversos sectores de la sociedad. Las acciones colecti... o de protesta de las comunid... organiz... han llamado la atención sobre temas tan diversos como la educaci... la salud, el trabajo, la defensa del territo... entre otros. Las respues... del estado a las demandas de la comunidad no se han salido del libreto: dilaciÃ... represi... y terror.

offsite link Χαράζοντας δρόμο... Sat Apr 25, 2015 14:32 | Ευάγριος Αληθινός | gr
Η μ&... ι&... τ&... α&... ε&...
Τ&... κ&... π&... α&... γ&... κ&... δ&... τ&... Μ&... τ&... 2010 σ&... ε&... δ&... \"Ά... Η α&... κ&... κ&... τ&... ε&... κ&... π&... α&... ε&... α&... κ&... χ&... κ&... α&... σ&... σ&... τ&...

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category south / mapuche nation/wallmapu / noticias author 22/ 10/ 2009- 18: 55: 08 author by From hommodolars.org
Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict - CAM

We state the following unto national and international opinion:

Since there has been no sign on behalf of the government of ending the repressive forces in our communities we have taken the decision as the Arauco Malleco Coordinator to publicly manifest our RESIGNATION to Chilean nationality and declare autonomous Mapuche territory south of the River as recognized in the Treaty of Tapihue of 1825 Article 19 the Chilean State.

Thereby we end all negotiations with the Republic of Chile and declare war against it beginning today October 20th 2009. We call on all communities to continue on this same path in order to achieve the complete expulsion of all those targets that operate in our Mapuche Nation.

In this manner we have given the Mapuche resistance bodies free will of action to act against the capital interests in our Mapuche territory.

Thus we completely assume responsibility for the recent action carried out by our Pehuenche Nagche Lafkenche Pichunche and Huilliche Weichafe [Warriors] of the Mapuche Communities in Conflict of the CAM and wish to state the following unto our People and public opinion:

On Tuesday October 20th 2009 our Weichafes carried out actions against two trucks pertaining to the El Bosque forestry corporation that were traveling on highway joining the town of Collipulli with the city of Angol specifically in Upper Cancura in the Araucan Region. These belonged to corporate Forestry services resulting in the ruin of two machines.

These actions are in condemnation of the latest acts of violence exerted against our Mapuche Nation and at the same time in support of the land reclamation process of our communities in conflict as their only objective. This is a manner in which our Mapuche Bodies of Territorial Resistance such as the Pehuenche Nagche Lafkenche Pichunche and Huilliche can express their rejection to the convictions suffered by our brothers secluded in different prisons of the Chilean State as well as a way of communicating that as long as there is political prison and conviction these actions will continue on the part of our Weichafe [Warriors] supported by all the Mapuche communities of the Mapuche Nation.

Lastly we reaffirm our conviction to continue the path of our ancestors that offered themselves with strength to the cause of justice and dignity of our beautiful and heroic Mapuche Nation. The CAM is more fortified than ever in its struggle for Territory and Autonomy.

The CAM will continue to exist as long as poverty and misery exists as a result of the lack of land with State policies that legitimize territorial plunder.

With the strength of our Futa Keche Kuiki and Weftun (the rebirth of the new warriors) that grow and multiply throughout all WALLMAPU for a cause that becomes more sacred day by day.


organos de Resistencia Territorial ORT - CAM

Bodies of Territorial Resistance

Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Communities in Conflict

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